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How do I submit News Items to KVR?2021-04-21T12:43:39-08:00

Login to KVR with a member account authorized as ADMIN for your Developer Account.

Navigate to your developer Dashboard.  If you’re logging in, this link will take you there:

Within your Developer Dashboard look for the tab group labeled News/Deals.

Click the green button with the “+” to add a new News Item.

This takes you to the News Editor page.

Start by telling KVR when your News Item should be publicly published.

Then give your News Item a headline:

Your headline is the most important part of your News Item.
Please keep your News Item headline simple, concise and compelling.
Do not attempt to explain everything in your headline.

Next add a URL where KVR Members can learn more and/or purchase from you.

Next insert your actual news copy in the text editor below the URL field.

When composing your press release please observe the following considerations:

1. Add Products to the KVR Product Database

If the news item is about a new product, you should first add the product to the KVR product database – then you can add it to the “Related Products” section of the news item. If the product is in the database already, please update the product entry to reflect the latest version number (and screenshots, description, etc.).

2. Use the WYSIWYG Editor for the News Item

A powerful editor is provided for the News Item field that makes proper formatting easy: paragraphs, lists, links, boldingunderliningitalicizing, etc. Please use it. Formatting is good.

Use HTML Lists for lists:

  • I’m a bulleted list.
  • You can create me from the editor’s toolbar.
    • You can even indent me to a second level by clicking the indent button.
  • It’s very simple.
  • The toolbar is useful.

3. All text MUST be in English!

4. What can I submit as news for the KVR News section?

As long as it is Pro Audio-related, any new release or product update news relating to software, apps, hardware, soundware or related products (such as offers, competitions, events, training, videos, literature, etc.) can be submitted as news @ KVR!

5. Please ensure the news hasn’t been posted already!

6. Please remember this is a NEWs Item

It MUST be NEWs. If the “news” is older than a couple of weeks it is probably not newsworthy for KVR. Sorry. We may accept news up to a month old but it would be begrudgingly!

7. Writing Style

Please write in 3rd Person perspective (with a smattering of 2nd. Not 1st!). If you don’t do this we have to rewrite the text, which takes time and may slow down publication of your news (or even cause it to be rejected). This is a News Item “from” KVR: KVR is telling the world the news from KVR Audio’s mouth. This means the headline should take the form of “{COMPANY NAME} {RELEASES | UPDATES | ANNOUNCES | LAUNCHES | etc.} {PRODUCT}…” and the news item content should begin something like “{COMPANY NAME} has {RELEASED | UPDATED} {PRODUCT}”…

Developers, Companies, Corporations, etc. are generally referred to as single entities: “it” rather than “they”, “its” rather than “their”, etc. Sometimes that doesn’t feel comfortable so it’s not 100% enforced. Go with the flow.

Pricing information is REQUIRED for new releases and major updates. They are not required, or desired, for minor updates.

The first mention of a Product Name should be bolded (and, linked to the relevant page on the developer’s web site or within the KVR Product Database).

Italicize quotes.  When including quotes from a person in a news item please italicize – “this product is great”, said Bob Smith.

Spelling, grammar, formatting and accuracy are VERY important.


Spell Check! Three times. Most web browsers have built in spell checking, please use it. If yours doesn’t please use one that does or spell-check in a word processor before pasting it into the news item field.

8. Links

The main news item link should go to the most direct page possible on the target website.

Do NOT use link-shorteners for any links – please use proper full links to websites and product pages. We want to know where the links are going to without having to click through every one.

9. Hyperbole/Marketing Hype

Please DO NOT fill the news item with marketing hype. Claims including, but not limited to, the following are generally unacceptable and will almost certainly be removed before publication: groundbreaking, breathtaking, industry-leading, industry-standard, class-leader, best-in-class, amazing, superb, awesome, word-class, game-changing, never-before-seen, earth-shattering, unparalleled, ultimate, award-winning, etc. You get the picture!

These are stop-words for a reason – everyone likes to think that their products are <insert word or phrase> but they can’t all be so these words are generally unacceptable in a news item (unless KVR adds them).

10. Plug-in Formats 

Select all plug-in formats that are directly related to the news item being posted (e.g. if the news item is about the VST version of a product please ensure you only select the VST icon).

11. Operating Systems

Select all Operating Systems that are directly related to the news item being posted.

12. Frequency of News

Do not spam the KVR News section with daily news and deals. One News item plus one Deal item per week per company / developer / vendor is a generally acceptable level.

13. Combine News

If you have several things to announce (particularly if they are of a similar nature – such as multiple soundsets), please combine them into a single news item.

14. Things to be aware of

HTML will be sanitized. Multiple spaces, ™, ® & © will be stripped server-side. Bulleted list items will have a. added if they don’t already finish with a. or a ;. Miscellaneous other formatting tweaks and changes may be made automatically by the HTML sanitization bot.

15. Other tips:

  • Make at least the first mention of the product name a link to its page on your own site or your product page within the KVR Product Database.
  • Include prices for new releases and major updates.
  • UPPERCASE acronyms.
  • Don’t abuse the apostrophe.
  • Spell Check.

Please, please, please pay attention to AND READ the in-page help such as section header text and any mouseoverable or clickable help icons.


When adding images to your News Item we greatly prefer that you provide GUI shots and NOT box/package shots.

To add images:
Position your cursor where you want your image to appear.
Click on the Add images button to open the Image Uploader.

Drag your image into the box at the top of the image uploader and click Start Upload.
When the image is successfully uploaded it will appear among the Uploaded Images below.

Before clicking your image to select it, chose how it will be inserted using the fields on the right labeled:


When ready, click your image to insert it into your News Item.
Then click the X in the upper right hand corner to exit the Image Uploader.


Be sure to tag your News Item with relevant tags.
Please resist the temptation to over tag but be sure to include at least one tag.
To do this: search for what you seek by typing in the ADD A TAG… field to the right.

When you’ve found a tag you like, click the green plus sign to add this tag to your News Item.


Add the product that your News Item is actually ABOUT.
To do this: Click the Related Products Button.

This will bring up an alphabetical list of all products within the KVR Product Database associated with your developer account.
Find the product your News Item is ABOUT and click the green plus sign to add it to your News Item.
Do not select your entire list of products. Keep the number of Related Products to a focused minimum.
Close the Related Product dialog by clicking the X in the upper right hand corner.
You should now see the product your News Item is ABOUT in the News Item editor.

Lastly, click the button on your Related Product labeled ABOUT.

If your product is content that works WITH another product you can add Related Product that your product is FOR.

To do this, click on the Related Products button.
To find products by other brands enter the product name into the search field in the upper right hand corner.

Then select the product you seek in the resulting list.
Then close the Related Product dialog by clicking the X in the upper right hand corner.
You should now see the Related Product in the Related Product area of the News Item editor.
Click the FOR button to designate it as a product for which your product is FOR.





Choose News Item

Categories buttons tell us where you think your News Item should appear on KVR.
Be sure to choose, at least, the ONE category MOST relevant to your News Item.
Front Page placement is not always available.
You may choose multiple if needed.
Do not choose FREE for free updates.  Only for FREE products.

If you need to save your News Item before finishing it, then leave it in DRAFT mode, and SUBMIT it. 

When you’ve completed your News Item and are ready to publish, switch to PUBLISH and click SUBMIT ITEM.

News Items are reviewed on a daily basis.  Business days only.
If your News Item conforms with our guidelines it should be published within two business days.

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