The Site Skin fills the left and right margins and puts your brand in the most visible position.  With the highest click through rate on the KVR site, the Site Skin is the way to get your message across in the biggest and boldest way!


The Site Skin position consists of two background images that frame the KVR Audio home page and news pages. The images are clickable (they will both use the same target URL but we track which side was clicked).

  • Two static image files in JPG, PNG or GIF format (NOT animated).
  • Maximum File Size: 200KB.
  • Image Size:
    • At least 600px wide.
      At least 1200px tall.
  • To ensure your primary message does not get cut off on lower resolutions, it should appear in the 100px of space on the right side of the left image and the left side of the right image.

Anyone who visits KVR Audio using a screen width wider than 1024 pixels will see the Site Skin images on either side of the home page content.

Site Skin

  • High Visibilty

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Pricing and availability subject to change without notice.