KVR sends hundreds of thousands of emails every week.  A graphic + text advertisement represents a unique way to touch our user base.  With a variety of flexible email options, we’re sure to have the right fit for the audience your brand needs to reach.



Get your message in front of more than 160,000 KVR readers. We mail to the largest database of music software users available!! This position is perfect for a new product announcements, deals, promotion or other news item. . Your feature is included in all of these mailings for the week:

  • The KVR Audio Weekly Newsletter is sent every Monday
  • The KVR Audio Deals Newsletter that goes out every Saturday.
  • This ad also appears toward the bottom of every HTML notification email (news, product updates, etc.) we send to our members who are opt in product trackers.


Send the message about your special deal or promotion out loud and clear with our Developer eBlasts. The Developer eBlasts go out on Wednesdays and Sundays to over 44,000 subscribers who have specifically opted in to receive news from 3rd parties. You couldn’t have a better audience for your software products!

The mailing includes a graphic that includes your message and call to action, and a paragraph of text. Or you can send us an html formatted email.


Our email sponsorship consists of an image plus a short paragraph of text that appears below it (up to around 50 words maximum).

  • The ad should consist of an image, around 50 words of text, and a link.
  • Dimensions: The image should be GIF, JPG or PNG (NOT animated). The image must be within these dimensions:
    • Minimum width: 200px.
    • Maximum width: 600px.
    • Minimum height: 60px.
    • Maximum height: 250px.
    • The image will shrink to fit on small screens (i.e. phones) and be up to the image’s maximum on larger screens.
  • File Size: 100 Kb for the Newsletter image banner.


  • Format: The text / HTML part should consist of a sentence or two.
  • Dimensions: The image should be 600x(200-1000); GIF, JPG or PNG (NOT animated).
  •  … or you can send us an html formatted email which we can use instead. Please ensure styling is inline. We require only the content between the BODY tags as we will add it to our HTML email template.

Contact us at

Pricing and availability subject to change without notice.