KVR has a variety of featured positions on the Homepage.  These highly visible options yield 100s of thousands of impressions, and can be easily swapped over the course of the week.


Put your news at the top of our home page news feed and news section headline pages for a week with this high visibility position. 


Perfect for a deal, promotion, giveaway or some other type of limited time offer, this highly visible slot calls attention to your deal for an entire week.


Puts your news item or special offer immediately below the Featured News Item on the KVR news feed for the entire week! 

Featured News / Deal / Promoted Item Specification

The Featured News, Deal, and Promoted News items are simply a tagged posts from the regular KVR news feed.  The original news items do not need to appear at exactly the same time – KVR endeavors to post news as quickly as is humanly possible and would prefer not to hold a news item back just because a sponsored headline is not due to begin for a few days. As such a news item or deal can be posted several days before the sponsored headline is scheduled to begin.  This is also can be a good way to “bump” your headline back to the top.

  • Formats: News headline to coincide with a legitimate news posting.  The first image found in the text field will be automatically selected for display on the homepage.  The optimum aspect ratio for the image is 16:9.

NOTE: KVR retains editorial control over the contents of the news item and it must only be for news items that KVR would normally post.


Puts your product on every page of KVR Audio, including the HomePage for a week.  The Featured Product frame contains a photo, product name and description with a link to your product page.


KVR features a Video section where developers can post any relevant video regarding their company and products (tutorials, behind the scenes, promos, etc.). The Featured Video appears at the top of the KVR Video landing page for a week and is highlighted on the HomePage and on every page of KVR Audio.

Your video is promoted in three high exposure areas:

  • The default video playing in the large window at the top of the page when someone navigates to the video section.
  • In the right frame on all pages of KVR Audio, including the forums.
  • At the top of the column on the Video page.

Featured Product Specification

  • Formats: Product listing in the KVR Product Database.
  • Remember, you can manage your product listings at KVR using a Developer Account

Featured Video Specification

The Featured Video tags a  YouTube or Vimeo link, plus keywords, that has been uploaded into a Developer account. The first image found in the text field will be automatically selected for display on the homepage. 

Contact us at advertisewithus@kvraudio.com

Pricing and availability subject to change without notice.