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How do I register a developer account with KVR?  2021-04-20T15:21:45-08:00

A developer account may already exist for your brand.
KVR may have created an account which you simply need to claim.
To determine if an account already exists, search for your brand on KVR.
To search, simply enter your brand name into the SEARCH field in the upper right hand corner of the KVR Home Page.


KVR Search Results are complex but the middle column is where we show Developers who match your search.

If your brand is there, click it.

This takes you to your KVR Developer Page in the KVR Product Database.

If no one has EVER claimed your developer account, you’ll be greeted with a huge message encouraging you to assume command. Click it to apply.  You must be logged into your KVR account so we may add authorization to it.

If anyone has already registered as an ADMIN for your Developer Account, look for the link in the upper right hand corner labeled ACCESS KVR ADMIN FOR (your brand).  And follow the instructions to request your account be authorized to ADMIN this developer.

ADMIN requests are handled manually by an actual human being who must assess if you are legit.  This can sometimes take a day or two.  Please be patient.  We very much want to have you proactively involved with the management of your Developer Account but we do not wish to allow anyone we should not.

How do I access my Developer Dashboard?2021-04-20T15:22:07-08:00

To access your Developer Dashboard you must first be logged into KVR with a KVR Member identity authorized as an ADMIN for your brand.

If you are not yet registered as an ADMIN read the FAQ on this page entitled: How do I register a developer account with KVR?  

If you are logged into KVR as a registered ADMIN simply click:



How do I add products to the KVR Product Database?2021-04-20T15:22:30-08:00

Login to your KVR member identity and navigate to your Developer Dashboard.

When logged in, this link will take you directly to your Developer Dashboard:

The second tab group in your Developer Dashboard is PRODUCTS.

To add a new product click the green plus labeled ADD PRODUCT.

This takes you to the product edit page.

If you have not already, take a moment to read the GUIDELINES document.  You’ll find a button in the upper right hand corner.

Further guidance is provided per product field by clicking the tiny blue question marks next to each field title.

If you still have questions, email  We will get back to you.


How do I add my Tech Support Contact Info to my KVR Developer Account?2021-04-20T15:22:54-08:00

It is critically important that customers can quickly and easily connect with Tech Support should they need it.  If your Developer Profile does not include this information cries for help will come to KVR Marketplace.  We know a fraction about your product compared to you so it is very important to insure this does not happen.

To add Tech Support Contact Info to your Developer Profile:

Log into A KVR Member account authorized as an ADMIN or EDITOR for your Developer Account.
Navigate to your Developer Dashboard by clicking this link:

Within your Developer Dashboard look for the ADMIN tab group.
Within the ADMIN tab group look for the PROFILE & INFO tab.
Click the PROFILE & INFO tab to display the PROFILE & INFO page.

Fill in the Support Contact Info fields.

When finished, click SAVE CHANGES to…  save changes.

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