Frequently Asked Questions – Advertising2021-04-20T15:02:47-08:00
How do I advertise with KVR Audio?2022-02-01T08:56:54-08:00

KVR Audio offers a wealth of advertising options. Click here for a complete list of positions and here for pricing.

As a registered developer, you can view ad availability and book directly from your developer dashboard. Simply ensure you are logged into KVR and enter into your browser. Once at your developer dashboard, choose ‘Advertising‘ from the left menu bar, and select ‘Availability‘. Select your desired date from the top bar, or a desired ad position from the bottom to view available options. Booking directly from this page will create a waitlist entry, after which you will be contacted to confirm the booking and assets.

Alternatively, feel free to contact and we will be more than happy to tailor a campaign to your needs and budget.


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